Overcome erectile dysfunction in several easy ways. Because, overcoming erectile dysfunction is actually not difficult – very difficult if you can control yourself. Keep in mind, erectile dysfunction is the inability of the penis to stretch and maintain an optimal erection in having pleasant and satisfying sexual relations. To treat this problem, you should order the medicine from the Canadian Pharmacy Online.

Dr. Nugroho Setiawan explained that there are two reasons for someone experiencing erectile dysfunction, namely psychological factor s, and organic factors. Psychological factors are more to someone’s experience that is not good during sexual intercourse, such as depression, anxiety, fear in sexual intercourse. You can get the best medicine for all these diseases at canadapharmacy.com.

For example, when having sexual intercourse suddenly his penis hurts, then the next day when he will do again feel afraid, or feel disappointed when having sexual relations that are less than satisfying. Bad experiences that have been experienced by someone will cause psychological disorders.

Organic factors concerning more blood vessels, nerves, hormones, and penile structures are complained of by older men, and psychological factors are more pronounced in men who are younger. The more the age increases, the greater the possibility of getting premature ejaculation.

In addition, other causes are unhealthy lifestyles and the role that a person can experience erectile dysfunction. Unhealthy lifestyle such as too much smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages, drugs, drinking too much coffee, being overweight, and rarely exercising. Therefore, to overcome erectile dysfunction, there are several things that need to be done, namely:

  1. Avoid excessive weight

The first way to deal with erectile dysfunction, in example, avoiding excess weight. Because, being overweight can bring many health problems including diabetes, which can cause nerve damage throughout the body. If this damage has reached the penile nerve, this can also cause erectile dysfunction.

  1. Avoid high blood pressure and high cholesterol

High cholesterol or high blood pressure can damage blood vessels, including carrying blood to the penis, so that it can cause erectile dysfunction.

  1. Stop alcoholic drinks

Although there is no research that says that mild or moderate alcohol consumption can adversely affect erectile function, drinking excessive alcohol can cause liver damage, nerve damage, and other conditions that can cause erectile dysfunction.

  1. Reduce stress

Psychological stress can increase levels of adrenal hormones, this can shrink the blood vessels which adversely affect erectile ability. The best thing if we experience stress should be consulted with people who can understand the condition of your problem so that you will return to normal and avoid erectile dysfunction.

  1. Stop smoking

Smoking can damage blood vessels and limit blood flow to the penis. In addition, the nicotine content in cigarettes can also constrict the flow of blood vessels to the penis.