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Through this module you’ll continue to develop and consolidate your praxis and place as artist teacher. Individually and collaboratively you will continue to discover your interwoven practices underpinned by theoretical frameworks. This course of might be enabled by way of planning and executing a structured programme of independent research that attracts upon pedagogy and modern art and principle, critically applying themes and points you’ve developed via the MAAT programme. This module, in partnership with Tate Modern, continues to help and develop your praxis through engaging with the theories and ideas of Critical Pedagogy. You will explore the potential of the artist teacher to function at a level past orthodoxy – towards a crucial pedagogy. Contemporary art practices will be positioned within a socio- political framework to illustrate the position of artist educators within this current and important pedagogical agenda.

When excited about the way you might need to infuse the humanities into your classroom and your instructing, think about methods to do so so that your college students can learn with, through and concerning the arts. Learning about art is so necessary to a child’s education because ART is CULTURE. We have to know concerning the art around us because …

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