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That is, it risks lowering the study of the character of the arts to their capacity to cause a particular feeling of disinterested pleasure or pleasure in a beholder. Design and Applied Arts Index covers journal articles, exhibition critiques, and information printed from 1973 to the current. Art Source covers a broad vary of topics within the fantastic and decorative arts, structure, urban planning, panorama and different features of design.Coverage contains topic and author indexing to the contents of journals, museum bulletins and different art documentation formats courting from the late 1920s to the current day. ‘Trade rushed in the place artists scorned to tread,’ lamented the artist and designer Henry Holiday in 1896, ‘and the availability was soon equal to the demand.’2 Ninety-nine per cent of stained glass, he claimed, was not art. It was conventional and repetitive, being produced for the profit of company proprietors, and to the detriment of artists and employees alike (p. 5).

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The identical sort of material is explored by the greatest poetry, novels, and performs. Jealousy, greed, lust, ambition, traumas from prejudice, warfare and even simply rising up.

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The 2021 gathering entitled ‘Cultural managers, their organisations, and their …

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