Mobile phones have become quite the prized possessions that they were not a few years back, and this is because of the amount of uses it now has outside the making and receiving of calls.

With the development of many applications, work has become even easier to do, and this, for all professions, as there are different applications that have made doing business easy.

Artists and Designers could be said to have even more advantage when it comes to the development of phones and applications that creates work ease, because art has become one of the most vibrant fields in 2021, with the time in 2020 exposing many to talents they may never have explored had they not had so much time to themselves.

On Collected.Reviews, there is feedback about mobile phone stores that should be read, as it is from these stores that you may be planning to get your next mobile phone from. Below are six mobile phones you must consider as an Artist or Designer:

1.      Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

When it comes to phone specifications, artists must choose one durable, as well as one that has a very good camera quality. The Samsung Galaxy S21 has a versatile camera, and this is a feature that would be well serving for artists, as pictures play a major role in marketing and job creation. The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra has in fact been referred to as a creative powerhouse because of how sleek it is, and how much of a fast performance it has when compared to other phones around the same range.

2.      iPhone 12 Pro Max

This uses the iOS operating system. It serves very well for artists and designers alike, as it is secure, and very simple to use. The iPhone 12 Pro Max, which is the latest and arguably the best iPhone released at this time, has a camera that many now use as their primary camera rather than using a DSLR. Having an internal storage up to 512GB, it is what a creative needs without worrying for space. It is however large to hold, but this is a feature that one would quickly get used to, and not enough to discard it as an option.

3.      OnePlus 9 Pro

This is a more affordable option for artists and designers who need a phone with superb battery capacity as well as a good camera quality. The OnePlus 9 Pro has optical image stabilization, and this helps to offset shaky hands, which creates better videos and pictures taken while in motion. It has several sensors that make for a good experience for the user. Sensors like the fingerprint scanner, the proximity sensor, and the accelerometer, which measures the motions while using the phone.

4.      Motorola Edge Plus

Having a big and vibrant screen with an even better processor, the high performance of this device is one that would appeal to artists and designers, as this means they can carry on with doing several on their phones without worrying about glitches happening.

5.      Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

This is another big screen phone, having a 6.9 inch display. It comes with a very sharp camera, and an even more responsive S pen, which makes it a very good choice for artists who may want to sketch paint using a drawing application while on the run.

6.      Sony Xperia 1

This phone was designed especially for individuals in the media, and it is for this reason it would make a very good choice for the artists and designers. While there are higher Sony phone ranges that should definitely be considered as it would have a faster processing system, the cinematic display and its sleek feel makes it easy to handle.

Artists and designers have a number in common, and this is because creation can get done at the most unsuspecting of places. It is for this reason it is advised that whatever mobile phone is used, is one optimized enough, with an admirable processing system that creates ease while getting work done, and the six listed above should be the top of their list.