Every art lover loves to immerse themselves in their passion. And once you’ve been through a busy day of checking reviewsbird.com for the best deals and customer reviews online, and you have finally made yourself a nice hot drink and settled down into the sofa, what do you do?

Well, as any art fan will tell you, you check the steaming service reviews for some art programs to watch!

So, when you’ve sat to relax after a long day, what do you stream?

Ways Of Seeing

This is a BBC film that is particularly relevant in the modern era of the internet, when we consume thoughtlessly from the internet and rely on this medium for most of our views and opinions.

Ways Of Seeing examines the way modernity and technology have come to completely change the way we interact with art and our surroundings.

It’s a 1972 film by John Berger, and is available to view on YouTube.

Painter’s Painting

Modern art. You either love it or hate it. Isn’t the case that you either understand that modern art is actually nothing but the product of our contemporary, dysfunctional and mislead society, or you know it to be a wry critique on the conventional, old ways.

Whatever. Painters Painting is essentially a list of modern (post-war at least) painters principally from the New York schools.

Interesting viewing if you like modern art, even more interesting in light of recent revelations about the genre.. It’s available to view on iTunes.

National Gallery

A 2014 look at the National Gallery in London. Especially pertinent in these times when we have been locked down and denied the pleasures of social interaction and appreciation of art. This is like a tour-on-film and not one to be missed if you are a gallery fan.

You can get this one from the British Film Institute, or watch it on Kanopy.

Edvard Munch

The Norwegian painter is renowned the world over for one painting, The Scream. This docudrama takes a closer look at this unusual Swedish painter.

This one isn’t for the faint hearted, as it throws you into the painters strange and at times disturbing world.

If you are up for it, then give it a go, as you will undoubtedly find it unforgettable.

You can stream this one from Amazon.

Pat Steir: Artist

Pat Steir is now in her 80’s and is one of the most dramatic and imaginative abstract painters who are producing work today.

Her work includes many aspects of her eclectic interests, including Buddhist philosophy.

The film contains dramatic scenes of the elderly Steir demonstrating the physicality involved in creating her pieces of artwork and the viewer will not be left without some admiration for this talented and hardworking artist.

Made You Look

This look at fakery in art is one you shouldn’t miss. With so much at stake, fake art is a real concern for both artists and critics alike.

This documentary by Barry Avrich is one to watch.