We are witnessing the unbelievable nexus of artwork and science into the healing therapies of at the moment. These programs emphasize the core values of a traditional liberal arts training, in addition to the abilities and flexibility one will need to meet the challenges of the twenty first-century office. Of their final semester, students take the Program’s Integrating Exercise course, during which the principal job entails a self-directed challenge integrating knowledge acquired from the Program’s completely different disciplines.

Our departments and packages not solely present the knowledge that’s elementary to the intellectual and academic actions across the entire campus, additionally they combine and contextualize that knowledge in ways in which connect students to the past and prepare them for the future.

The mission of Fiddlehead School is to unfold the potential of kids in a respectful, loving culture by way of genuine and meaningful experiences that sustain a way of surprise, foster a love of studying, and embrace the interconnectedness of all issues.

This enables Arts ans Sciences students to prepare for science studies at university whereas additionally exploring the social sciences and visual arts. By working through the humanities, instead of about the arts, the studentsÂ’ educational experience shall be achieved another way than simply teaching the usual model of learning.arts & science

So once you graduate, while you technically have a degree in one of many sciences, because of the fact that you don’t have a bachelor of science diploma, you’ll not be eligible for that individual job that claims “bachelor of science degree required”. The musical theater program attracts highschool and faculty college students from around the country, and over the course of the program they launch and perform a full-scale Broadway musical.arts & science