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Digital artworks may be exhibited in a variety of forms, such as digital prints, computer printouts, or other hard copy formats of any scale where every translation offers different interpretations. Digital art may be encountered by way of networks, interactive video games, simulations, or as immersive environments that require active participation by a viewer. Giving our college students relevant expertise is a crucial part of our courses.

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The program pulls in programs from a number of disciplines—including art, music expertise, rhetoric, photography, movie and laptop science—to offer you a broad base while allowing you to pursue your own pursuits as you uncover your personal interests throughout the field. Our enquiry extends across time and tradition, and the literary, verbal, visual, digital and performative modes people use to create and talk. Are you at secondary college and need to know what learning at college is like? This on-line course from the University of Groningen is specifically designed for secondary school college students. Studying movie in Groningen provides you so many opportunities to broaden and/or deepen your curiosity within the field.

Bachelor Of Arts

As an arts, media and technology student, you’ll make investments time in a conventional arts studio, in addition …

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